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Today's ideas - Ideas for idea lists

Getting back into 10 ideas a day after not doing it for a loooooong time.

Starting today with just brainstorming ideas for ideas in the future

An idea list on a given day might all be just one of these themes, or if you get stuck, just jump to a different theme and keep on creating

Today's ideas - Ideas for idea lists

    1. Fictional character names

    2. Plot ideas for books/movies/short stories

    3. Movie titles

    4. Color names for paints and fabrics

    5. App ideas

    6. Fictional country names

    7. Fictional character names

    8. Plot ideas for books/movies/short stories

    9. Ways to make a new website or internet thing or product go viral

    10. Fictional dog names

    11. Ideas for songs. titles and lyrics and themes and styles

    12. Fictional place names. Towns, valleys, rivers, etc

    13. One day, instead of a list format, create a Rube Goldberg sequence of events. Each event leads to another unexpected and outlandish event. Or branch out with multiple directions. Then have them come back and collide again.

    Map out a ten step (at least) series of crazy events. This can be reworked into the plot of a novel or movie. Write a different one every day for a week. Compare them and combine them. See what happens.

    14. Ideas for a new business

    15. How to get new business clients for a service business

    16. Ways to generate incredible amounts of money. (Legal ways)

    17. Inventions

    18. Fake scientific names of plants/animals. Make up 10 different fictional species and flesh them out a little with fake names and details about them

    19. Things I am grateful for today. (Not necessarily a wildly creative list, but an essential one for mental health some days.)

    20. Restaurants. Name, food style, decor, etc.

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