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Top 10 Dividend Recession Stocks

Stocks I am holding to receive the dividends. Also buying more shares since these are all off their all time high stock prices so that I can get more dividends at a cheaper price.

    1. JPM - JP Morgan Chase

    Banks are required to retain a certain amount of cash on their balance sheet to make sure they do not go under. JPM has one of the strongest balance sheets.

    2. CVX - Chevron

    There will always be a demand for commodities like oil, silver, wheat.

    Chevron has made some smart business moves. Poorer nations will need oil as a cheaper alternative than clean energy.

    Oil prices will continue to be high for a long time to come. CVX has a history increasing its dividend to keep shareholders happy.

    3. CVS - CVS Pharmacy

    They own pharmacies and a health insurance company. Healthcare is something you cannot get rid of even during a recession. I would not be surprised if they start to buy hospitals at some point.

    4. MCD = McDonalds

    People chose cheaper alternative eating options during a recession. McDonalds provides some of the best food at the cheapest price and it is super convenient. They keep investing in technology to make things even better.

    5. COST - Costco

    The membership is the power. They have proven that they can increase the membership price and consumers will continue to shop there.

    6. JNJ - Johnson and Johnson

    They have so many different streams of income they will pay the dividend for a long time to come.

    7. LMT - Lockheed Martin

    The US is in a proxy war with Russia. The US government will not be decreasing the US military budget any time soon. Lockheed has so much intellectual property and such a large moat with jets that they will be able to keep this business going for a long time.

    8. UPS

    The long time CEO just stepped down.

    UPS has a strong network across the globe. The demand for shipping will not go away even during a recession.

    9. AFL

    People are required to buy insurance. Insurance businesses have float that will keep them going.

    10. CMCSA - Comcast

    Movie theaters are reopening and Comcast has the delivery pipeline necessary to take advantage of the reopening world. The power of Comcast also like in cable internet. Comcast is an internet provider and people need to be online more than ever. This is likely to continue for the forseable future.

    11. Honorable mention: Verizon

    Not the best run business, but people will not give up their phones anytime soon.

    12. Apple

    Apple will likely increase their dividend over time.

    People will continue to buy iPhones and use their services.

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