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Top 10 Topics that Excites You To Discuss on Your Podcast

    1. The future

    What will happen in the next 10-20 years? Will AI take over? Will there be a world war? Will Bitcoin take off? What will be the best investments? Will we have flying cars? Etc.

    2. The past

    What did people think the future would be like 100 years ago or 500 years ago or 1000 years ago. How accurate were they and why.

    3. Conspiracy theories

    What are some of the most popular ones out there and are any of them true. Like 9/11, JFK, etc.

    4. Current events

    The news is always changing so this is a good category to discuss every day with a new guest. What's happening with North Korea, Russia, Iran, etc. Or domestic topics like crypto, etc.

    5. Psychology

    Why do people act the way they do? What makes someone a psychopath or sociopath or narcissist or depressed or anxious or an addict? What can trigger these situations and how can someone change if they are in one of these categories.

    6. Comedy!

    Every week I'd have a different comedian on and we'd discuss their career and what makes them laugh (and not laugh) when they watch standup comedians on TV today versus when they first started watching comedy 40 years ago (when I was starting).

    7. Sports!

    Every week I'd have a guest who is involved in some aspect of sports (like betting on sports, playing sports, owning teams, writing about sports for ESPN (or whatever), etc) and we'd discuss all aspects of sports from history to current events to fantasy leagues to who will win the Super Bowl this year to which athlete is most likely to become President someday.

    8. Business!

    I'm sure there's many stories that haven't been told about many businesses that are now dead but were once very successful (like Apple in 1997), what made them fail, what could've saved them if possible, etc. And also stories about companies that are currently doing well but may not last forever so what makes them special now but not later down the road when things change for them.

    9. Comedy + Business + Current Events = interesting podcast every day

    And then throw in something else as well like AI or Conspiracy Theories or The Future or Psychology for variety depending on guests I get on each episode

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