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Top Ten Things That Make Ontario Better Than B.C.

As promised, the flipside to my existential crisis. These reflect my personal experiences of living in Mississauga, ON and Abbotsford, BC.

    1. Diversity

    While Abbotsford has a strong South-Asian community, it still always struck me as more homogeneous than any of the Greater Toronto Area. I'm used to thinking of Canada as a diverse place, and Abbotsford felt less like that.

    2. Snow

    While skiing is better in B.C., in the winter outdoor ice skating and tobogganing are possible within walking distance of the sub-urbs

    3. Faster pace

    I find things move faster in Ontario and my patience is less taxed

    4. More Sunshine, Less Rain

    Though winters can be cold, I never had to invest in a special light to fight seasonal affective disorder in Ontario.

    5. Smell

    I didn't have to smell manure and other agricultural by-products regularly in Ontario

    6. Extended Family

    We don't have much of a support network out West. Our families are mostly in Ontario

    7. Sub-urban infrastructure

    In Mississauga, I let my kids play on our cul-de-sac and they can walk to several playgrounds. Abbotsford has ok sub-urbs too, but our current residence is on a road heavily trafficked by trucks and has no sidewalk.

    8. The Big Smoke (Toronto)

    We're adjacent to the country's biggest, baddest city.

    9. Closer to other travel opportunities

    Flying to Germany, or travelling to the family cottage is easier from our home in Ontario

    10. No Homesickness

    I'm fairly well-travelled, but most of my life has been in Ontario. I know how to navigate government services in Ontario, and about a thousand other little things seem to have a learning curve for me in B.C.

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