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Topics for new jokes

What could I write some new jokes about?

Topics for new jokes

    1. The wars

    Russia/Ukraine and Israel/Palastine. There must be some good joke's waiting to he found.

    2. US Election

    I can write a few joke's now in preparation for next year. This should be easy enough to do.

    3. Basic English

    I'd like to continue writing joke's in China. If I want to share them I'll have to use basic English. One of my favourite joke's probably won't go down well there.

    Dad are we going to set that house on fire? Yes we arson.

    4. AI

    Ai is quickly becoming a talking point. If i can get a few jokes written i'll always have something fun to add to the conversation.

    5. Religion

    It's overdone at this point, but having a few jokes to add to a convo whenever the topic comes up would be good.

    What did the muslim extremist say when he saw his sister? 'i sis.

    6. LGBT+

    This topic is always being talked about always an opertunity to throw in a joke or two.

    My 'son' (can i say that) recently came out as transexual. So me and my wife did the only reasonable thing we could. We abandoned him. And started using 'her' instead.

    7. BLM

    Call me crazy, but i'm pretty sure they'll be another blm/race based event next summer. If i can get a few jokes written before hand i'll be able to share as soon as the chaos happens.

    Georges family where awarded millions in compensation for the death of their son. Looks like they won't be going black to work.

    *Back to work. Sorry, Floyd-ian slip

    8. Mental Health

    It's a crisis, more folk should be talking about it. What's more important is sharing better ways to prevent/reduce it.

    People call depression a 'chemical imbalance' like an imbalance is a bad thing. We should aim to be nuteral, numb. All feelings are imbalances. Happiness is a little more dopamine, anger is more adrenaline, sadness is more monoamine oxidase. The focus should be on reaching a better imbalance, not numbness.

    Not really a joke, but it's something i can work on.

    9. Idiots

    Anger is usually a good place for jokes and nothing makes me quiet as angry as idiots.

    People that borrow money

    10. Word Play

    Dad jokes i can bring out at any occasion.

    My wee boy was whaling the other day. Tears and snot everywhere, he was a mess. I just stood there silently, shaking my head and tutting. Once his composure returned i looked at him and said 'What did you expect? You just shot it with a harpoon'

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