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Training Limitless Motivation for Hard, Long-term Goals. 3 Steps.


Aka why most people lose motivation before they reach their goals.

I learned it from work with clients first and then neuroscience caught up and now I finally can explain how it works and why.

Want limitless motivation for ANY goal you decide to achieve? Keep reading!


    Let’s remember one core thing about goals - unless they are emotional, you will NEVER achieve them.

    What’s the difference between “good to have” and “I MUST HAVE IT NOW” goals? Your emotion.

    Emotions are the ONLY way our brain can differentiate between important and ok-to-quit actions.

    So if you aren’t connecting daily actions to your emotionally charged goals, if you don’t feel like your soul is on fire when you think of your to-do list and the end goal - you gonna quit. As simple as that.

    Emotional “tags” on goals are the only difference between you, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson or whoever you admire.

    They just care more! Whether they talk about it or not. Deep down they are SUPER emotional about their goal.

    Good news?

    You can “synthesize” emotions via self-talk. I can teach you how.

    Whether that’s fitness, business or relationship goal - it absolutely has to be emotional. Unless you don’t care about reaching it, but then, what else do you expect, except quitting?


    You don’t take shower once and you are clean for life.

    To keep the benefits - you got to take it daily.

    The same with motivation. It’s a practice, it’s a skill - until it becomes a habit.

    Don’t want to exercise - take out that emotional goal of yours and connect to it right then and there.

    Don’t want to eat your veggies and reaching for ice-cream instead - take out that emotional goal of yours and connect to it right then and there.

    Don’t want to do cold calls today to get business to scale your mission - take out that emotional goal of yours and connect to it right then and there.

    And that’s what almost all of my clients, struggling to reach their goals, were missing.

    This practice of connecting to the source of limitless motivation (emotionally charged goal/vision) every time you find something hard to do, feeling like losing motivation again.


    Mice studies and interviews with elite athletes show that when the goal, the reward (food or gold medal, the last milestone) is close - the amount of dopamine released is increased, and you get more motivation aka more energy for action.

    How does it apply to you?

    If you want to boost dopamine and energy release for taking hard action - break down your 10-year vision into smaller and smaller milestones, ideally, something you can celebrate daily.

    You need to take daily action to build your 10-year moonshot. You need to take aspired, great quality, effective action! You can’t half-ass it and achieve greatness. And that’s why a daily boost to your dopamine and motivation is so essential. And again - you can design for it. You can synthesize your motivation every day.

    And this is basically it. 3 skills to master motivation to do the most boring, mundane, hardest things.

    At this point, as long as I have a big enough why, I can motivate myself to do absolutely anything, whether I initially like it or not. Over the course of my 17-year coaching career, I did the same for many of my entrepreneurs, c-suite and pro-athletes clients. And then, it’s kind of riding a bicycle, once you learn it - you never unlearn it, it stays with you for life.

    Want more? Listen to "Your Brain's Coach" podcast that I released today on the topic to get deeper insights.

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