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Travel First Aid Kit

Thanks for the idea Ray.

The items in this list are included specifically for travel. They compress flat or nearly so, are available in individual or travel sizes, and take up very little space.

This list is not meant for strenuous outdoor travel like backpacking etc. It would not be sufficient for those type of activities. This is designed as more of a purse or pocket kit for the tourist out and about.

Towards that end. Everything here is security checkpoint compliant but be sure that all medication is in its original packaging. That is why taking the time to seek out the individually packaged pills, creams, etc can be beneficial.

Good luck and get going.

Travel First Aid Kit

    1. Your prescription medication

    Pack a 24hr supply in your kit. This is seperate from your regular supply.

    2. Steri-Strips

    Extremely versatile. Butter-fly bandages are good too but I prefer Steri-Strips

    3. Band-Aids

    A few each of two or three different sizes. Get the waterproof ones if you can

    4. Antibiotic cream

    5. Alcohol pads

    Lots of uses, from handi wipes to wound cleaning to fire starting

    6. Pink Busmuth tablets

    The tablets are flatter and more compact in the kit.

    7. Sting-Eze

    Name brand or generic. I prefer the pads but the gel tubes work too.

    8. Lidocaine and/or Aloe gel

    Because we all get sunburn once in awhile

    9. Dimenhydrinate

    Motion sickness tablets

    10. Oral pain reliever

    Aspirin/Acetaminophen/Naproxen/Ibuprofen. We all know what works best for us. Aspirin is good to have even if you have other pain meds too. Again, 6-8 tablets or capsules is plenty

    11. Tourniquet

    I prefer the SWAT tourniquet because it folds flatter and is multipurpose.

    12. Tweezers

    Not essential but very handy.

    13. Diphenhydramine

    Provides some relief from stings, rashes, etc. and can be a sleep aid.

    14. Moleskin or KT tape

    Blisters can ruin your day.

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