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Unconventional ideas for a brain training program or a series of books

    1. Brain training through sports

    including when to exercise, how, in combination with what, etc.

    2. How to train your brain with writing

    3. / spirituality

    4. Copy work

    I heard about it from this guy. Apparently, copying someone else's writing (by writing their stuff word for word) is a great way to get better at writing. I wanna try this with joke writing.

    This could maybe work with different skills as well. I've heard that it's a good way to learn how to draw or paint as well.

    5. How to learn things while dancing

    Someone from Noah Kagan's course was wondering if she should combine dance classes with Chinese classes. I'm pretty sure a dynamic activity such as dancing would help with retention. I heard that movement in general is incredibly helpful when it comes to learning a language. I may have heard this on James Altucher's podcast, I'm not sure.

    6. Learning through humor

    You mentioned brain training with humor. Not sure if you mean how to train your sense of humor or how to train your cognitive abilities through humor. If you mean the latter, I've thought about this before: what if humor helped with language learning? Since it's been shown that humor helps remember things, it probably does help with that. But what about learning a language while creating (rather than consuming) humorous content?

    7. Learning through poetry

    8. / video creation

    Would creating / editing videos help you learn a language too? If it works with languages, it must work with other things. If you make videos about dancing, you'll be repeatedly exposed to the movements, you might have to teach stuff, and maybe mixing different tasks together might help with your learning.

    9. How to document your progress to increase learning

    What I wrote above could be about documenting your own learning journey, although not necessarily. There's this new trend of "building in public". I'm sure the guy who runs that newsletter I linked to (#4) gets extra better at storytelling by documenting his progress (I think he's writing a novel right now).

    10. A guide / course on how to use ChatGPT to help you learn new skills, improve your learning, etc.

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