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Useful hobbies to try

    1. Chess.

    No-brainer it‘s the first option. A relaxing hobby that helps improve your memory and forethought. James Altucher always reminds me to keep on track with this.

    2. Gardening.

    Many people think that this is a plan for retirement only. However, I would say that it’s a great way to destress at any age. Also, you get some exercise while making your home more beautiful.

    3. Sewing.

    Very useful. A great way to make your own clothes or gifts, and learn a new skill.

    4. Knitting.

    A calming hobby that similarly to the previous one can also be useful for making winter clothing or blankets.

    5. Baking.

    Gosh, I love this. And I hate myself for being lazy to do it more often. It‘s an enjoyable pastime that can leave you with delicious treats to enjoy or share with others. Cause sharing is caring.

    6. Homebrewing.

    Homebrewing beer is a fun and challenging hobby that can yield delicious results! With a little practice, you could be brewing your own unique beers at home. You will be your local supplier for the Super Bowl.

    7. Drums.

    I would just refer to my post below regarding some reading to start playing drums.

    8. Harmonica.

    This is a beautiful instrument. It‘s small, it sounds nice, it’s cool. It might be tricky to learn how to bend the note but with some practice you will find yourself jamming to the songs all day. Also, you will be the coolest person around any fireplace.

    9. Collecting.

    I can’t specify exact stuff to collect, I think it’s too personal. You can find whatever you like. Look into sport cards, some toy cars, coins, stickers, cups, drumsticks (my type of poison). It‘s so funny and relaxing, it’s a pleasure to extend your collection, to bring something from the trips. So nice. It would be a great ice breaker for any occasion.

    10. Writing.

    Even these idea lists. Even some silly fairytales, comics. Just for you. It trains your imagination, creativity, helps express your thoughts and organize everything in your head.

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