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Ways I Am Being Proactive

Sometimes I feel happier with tasks in my life.

    1. Walking my dog

    Early in the day. He does not bug me as much throughout day the earlier we walk.

    2. Emails and meetings

    Taking control of my inbox and my calendar is making me feel better. Being really strict around who can send me an email or a calendar invite and the times helps control the chaos.

    3. Planning time off

    I did not take any time off the first half of the year.

    I am planning specific time off.

    4. Updating my physical calendar with big events

    Seeing big events on a physical calendar helps keep things in perspective.

    5. Taking specific career actions

    Carving out time for myself to do specific actions that will benefit my career.

    6. Not taking action on other people's ideas.

    I think I am realizing more and more that words from other people have a big impact on me. My work right now is to hear what other people are saying, but not take action. Only take action on the things that are going to move me forward toward my goals.

    7. Reading

    I really enjoy reading, but I have to block out all physical distractions to do it.

    I'm working on a time and space to do that.

    8. Meditating

    Separating myself from troubleshooting issues at work and just meditating on life.

    9. Improving my physical space

    It seems like the cleaner my space is the better my mental space is.

    10. Working out


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