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Ways to reduce your plastic use

Just saw the challenge and thought maybe it would be fun to see how many ideas, regardless of how zany or tangentially connected. :)

    1. When entering a place to sit, insist on only sitting on a chair made with items other than plastic.

    2. Decide that your phone case will always be made of something other than plastic.

    3. Drive older vehicles (with low emissions) with metal bodies instead of plastic.

    4. Store food in glass containers rather than plastic bags or Tupperware.

    5. Get a set of traveling fork/spoon/knife made of bamboo and use that anytime you take food to go.

    6. When you receive food in plastic containers, save them for additional use instead of throwing them away.

    7. Insist on purchasing items in glass jars instead.

    8. Buy from the bulk section in grocery stores.

    9. Shop at farmers markets.

    10. Bring your own re-usable bags to the market.

    11. Choose paper plates and paper cups instead of plastic.

    12. Use cash instead of credit cards. :)

    13. Use soap and shampoo bars instead of bottled soaps.

    14. When it's time to replace your toothbrush, choose one made with bamboo.

    15. Choose tissues/kleenex packaged in boxes rather than plastic bags.

    16. When asked paper or plastic, say plastic.

    17. Some notebooks have plastic covers. Don't use those.

    18. Pencil instead of pen.

    19. For storing things in your home or garage, choose cardboard/wood/other material instead of plastic bins.

    20. Buy a reusable water bottle.

    21. Use aluminum foil instead of plastic wrap.

    22. Use crayons instead of markers.

    23. Buy books and stuffed animals instead of plastic toys for children's gifts.

    24. Use real eggs instead of plastic eggs for your Easter egg hunt.

    25. Buy used when you can. Often this can remove the need for any plastic packaging.

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