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Ways to reduce your plastic use

    1. Always have a reusable bag in your jacket pocket, in case you wind up shopping while you're out.

    2. Instead of using completely disposable razors, get a fancy one where you keep the handle and just replace the blades.

    3. Bring a reusable straw with you everywhere. Though, in Canada, I think they've banned plastic straws in restaurants, and all straws are made from paper. But it's good to save trees, too.

    4. Carry a water bottle with you so that you don't need to buy disposable drink containers. And if you want to make it more fun, you could buy a HidrateSpark bottle that tracks your water consumption: https://amzn.to/3vqQJ8M

    5. Carry a bag with you when you go for your daily walks, and collect some plastic litter that you find. Put it in a recycling bin. This will reduce the need for companies to make new plastic.

    6. Always take off your glasses with 2 hands, to keep the frame from wearing out. And always store your glasses in a case, so that they don't get scratched, so you won't need new lenses as often.

    7. Use a shortened version of your name, so that you don't need to type as much, so that you're putting less wear and tear on your laptop keyboard and don't have to get it replaced as often.

    8. Bring your own food containers to restaurants, so if you don't finish your meal, you don't need to take their styrofoam containers.

    9. Shop at no-packaging grocery stores where you can bring your own jars to fill up with bulk items like coffee beans, oats and spices.

    10. For handsoap, buy a bulk refill for the smaller pump you originally bought. But, even better, just buy handmade artisanal soap at a health food store or farmer's market. It's healthy, smells nice and you'll be supporting an entrepreneur.

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