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Ways to remind yourself

Some ways I try to stay on track.

Ways to remind yourself

    1. Routine

    For almost 200 days, I've gotten up and written a NotePD list and then a challenge for a class I've taken since January. Have your time and try not to deviate.

    2. Phone reminders

    My phone has a reminder every day. And then I often push back the time or "Snooze." I use the apple phone tasks and reminders app.

    3. Email reminders

    Gmail has a great "Snooze" function. Use it often.

    4. Keep things in your view

    If you need to remember to workout, put your workout clothes next to the door. Or keep your computer on your favorite chair, if you need a reminder to do some work.

    5. Pomodoro Todo Reminder

    Have a tab on a computer that also has a list of things to do. I don't change it often, but this pomodoro thing works if you are procrastinating. Just start and get some momentum.

    6. Have a partner

    Having someone you do something with is a huge help. You ask the other person if they have done what they need to. It's more annoying to say you haven't done something, than actually doing the something.

    7. Notes

    Put a note next to your kitchen sink. Or where you keep your keys. Or in your wallet. I've done all these, but not much anymore.

    8. Use a notebook

    Have a journal I usually write in every day (but not much lately). Another place and another routine that keeps you on track.

    9. Discipline

    This is obvious.

    10. Don't beat yourself up

    You will mess up. It's likely not life or death. Unless it is something super important, it's ok to just get something done. Not everything has to be done perfectly.

    11. Balance, but some things will suffer

    I've been pretty disciplined with my class and a few other things, but my health has not been great. It's very difficult to have all aspects of your life kicking on all cylinders. I don't think it's possible.

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