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Ways to Survive the dreaded Center Seat on Flights.

H/T @coachmattfried 

Your post on coach seats inspired this list.

If you have a middle seat assignment on your next flight here are some tips.

    1. Check for open seats before boarding.

    Apps make this easy today but you can always ask your gate agent as well. As a last resort, you can ask the people sitting with you if anyone is willing to switch.

    2. Board as early as you can.

    It is imperative that you stake out your space.

    3. Forget about your carry on.

    Either in the overhead or under the seat is too difficult for most to reach without asking someone else to move. Stow anything you might need in your seat pocket.

    4. Armrests down.

    As people file into their seats, their is a subtle subsconscious battle for who will have control of the armrest during the flight. It is imperative that you win control of at least one. Most likely it will be the one with your controls on it.

    5. You may want to skip the meal.

    Drinks are fine but many find it difficult to eat without inadvertently elbowing neighbors.

    6. Different seat back position.

    On flights, most people recline their seats as far back as possible the instant they can get away with it. By having your seat in a slightly different angle than your neighbors, you create slightly more shoulder space and separation. 

    7. Sleep works wonders.

    8. If you have to leave your seat, stay away as long as you can.

    Take a walk around the cabin. Visit with the cabin crew in the galley (Some are more tolerable of this than others)

    9. Dress a little cooler (temp wise) than normal

    In the middle seat you will definitely be warmer. And shedding layers becomes more difficult.

    10. No matter what, be courteous to your seat mates. They may not deserve it but do it anyway.

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