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Ways to tap into your creativity

Topic branched from @BillDreit.


(Image source: pexels.com)

    1. Change location

    It doesn't have to be anything spectacular. A walk in the forest or in the pedestrian zone is often enough.

    2. Play

    Play with figures or modeling clay. Forget for a moment that you're an adult.

    3. Word games

    Make up a silly poem, or try making up new words. Make anagrams.

    4. Build something

    For example, a particularly original bird house or a model of your dream house

    5. Find a novel you haven't read yet

    Think of a storyline based on the blurb and cover design.

    6. Observe strangers

    Give them a name, age, occupation and a certain life situation. In which story could this person be the main character?

    7. Paint

    Take a brush, a piece of paper and some paints and just start painting.

    8. Freewriting

    Write down everything that comes to your mind for ten minutes.

    9. Make a collage out of old magazines

    10. Go to a flea market and buy the first thing that looks kind of interesting

    11. Write down your dreams

    Always keep a notepad by the bed.

    12. Trance or drugs

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