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Ways You Can Use Slack that aren't traditional

Slack is usually thought of for channel or direct messaging in a team but it's so much more - it can basically be a mini-command centre for a business.

    1. If someone gives you a task in Slack (wrong tool - Slack is not a task management tool), you can use the Asana integration to create a task directly in Asana

    share the Asana task link with the task creator and tell them all updates will go on that task - gets them out of bad behaviours like sending this Slack message: "How are we doing on X?"

    2. If you close a deal in your CRM, you can notify a team channel in Slack

    3. If a threshold is met (ie. you reach a goal or a lead score changes), you can send a notification in Slack

    4. you can use Slack connect to create a shared channel with another, outside/external team to cut down on emails back and forth

    5. if a ticket is created for an issue, you can send a notification into Slack

    6. if a Slack message is hearted, you can add it to a Google Doc as upcoming content for social media posts

    7. if a client health score goes down (ie. they submitted bad feedback + have a ticket open + haven't been called in 60 days), you can alert a person or team in Slack - if you wait, the client might churn

    8. if a sales pipeline is way under projected, we can alert a team in Slack

    9. through a Slack form, I could add issues to a team meeting agenda for discussion later (to save messaging someone in Slack)

    10. If something breaks (a Zap, automation, website, etc.), I can send the notification to a team slack channel for awareness

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