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We all gon' be Rich: How to reframe your thinking for a wealth mindset

I have this belief that success is inevitable as long as you don't quit. Tomorrow is gon’ be better than today.

In terms of wealth, I feel the most important thing everyone needs is to fix their mindset. Once you get your mindset fixed; you move from

  • scarcity to abundance
  • complaining and making excuses to taking action
  • wishes and dreams to setting realistic goals
  • having a broke mindset to a wealth mindset.

Infact, I get this question a lot – “How much have you made from your writing?”

But I think its backwards to think like that from the start.

The purpose of my writing is beyond making money which I've also heard from great writers like James A. but to share my message and as a good side effect attract different networks, opportunities and wealth as a bonus.

Patience is key when it comes to building wealth. You need to be able to wait it out and not give up when things get tough.

"How to fix your mindset from a broke mindset to wealth mindset":

    1. Start small

    Most successful Entrepreneurs started small.

    Don’t go broke trying to look rich.

    How hungry you are for success plus the momentum you can gain and a portion of luck determines how far you’ll go.

    Your wealth mindset starts with a single focus-- what do you want to achieve?

    2. Investing in Yourself and Your Goals

    Identify the areas of your life where you have a "broke" mindset, and work on changing those thought patterns to more positive, productive ones.

    Well, it’s true that most people don’t have income to invest in more than their necessities of life. But what differentiates you from having a broke mindset is your mentality. Get some financial literacy.

    You can’t afford to wait to make and learn from all the mistakes yourself. Take the time to get educated from books, courses, coaches that help build your mind.

    Wealth is a mindset not a possession.

    3. Take daily action

    Get used to doing the Boring work.

    A broke mindset believes in luck over action and winning the lottery over taking daily action.

    By simply taking daily action that aligns to your goals – you are ahead of 90% of people waiting for a big break.

    Achieving your goals requires consistent effort and hustle.

    4. Use Time to your advantage

    Wealthy people have a healthy relationship with their time. They've learned to disconnect time from money. While people with a broke mindset have this backwards.

    But at the start - each spare time while you’re actually broke is better spent investing into your mind or taking action.

    Ultimately, you have to learn to separate your time from how much you earn – making your money work for you (last point).

    5. Focus on your mission

    If you’ve been hit by any of the big guys e.g Google, you'll notice how much they care about you meeting their policies, terms and conditions over how much you have or are willing to spend on their platform.

    Stay true to your character, integrity and core values no matter who much you have in your bank account.

    You do this by seeing yourself as already wealthy, doing things that you love and enjoying financial abundance.

    6. Shift your mindset from Scarcity to Abundance

    It doesn’t matter if you grew up poor or come for shitty background. Being Broke is not an excuse.

    Complaining has absolutely no strategic impact on attaining any result.

    When you start thinking about all of the ways that you can create wealth, rather than what is lacking in your life, abundance will flow towards you.

    Learn to see Wealth as an Abundance of Opportunity by stay committed and fining solutions instead of focusing on obstacles.

    7. Become Optimistic

    Sahil Bloom has a popular saying – “pessimists sound smart, but optimists get rich”

    So do you really think your dreams are possible?

    Focusing on end failure instead of a possible success is one way to shoot yourself at the foot.

    When you make affirmations – think and say your goals like they’re already in existence.

    8. Surround yourself with positive people

    Your mindset will be influenced by the people around you.

    If you want a wealth mindset, associate yourself with people who have one. Sometimes in a bid to help others – we want others to move with us at the same time.

    One of the worst things you can do for yourself is stay stuck with friends that are not willing to change their mindset while you wait for them before you take any action.

    Fact is most people are only going to believe in you once the see results – so why wait for them before taking action.

    9. Identify and Solve Problems

    Solving problems is the fastest way to fix a broke mindset.

    NotePd exists to help you maintain a daily habit of coming up with ideas.

    Expensive rentals and time wasted visiting stores? Netflix

    No time to spend four years in college? Udacity and several online courses platforms

    10. Learn how to Invest

    Find ways to make your money work for you.

    If you ask anyone with with a broke mindset what they'll do with $1,000,000 today - they'll still be struggling with buying the new car and consumables than investing in their businesses, assets and properties to make tomorrow better.

    This is the reason why most lottery winners, athletes and people who inherit chunks of money without learning how to manage it go broke very quickly.

    “The broke are broke because they spend all their money. The middle class are middle class because they save all their money. They wealthy are wealthy because they invest all their money”

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