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Weekend Bingo!

I usually have too many things that I try to do at the same time. Last weekend, in order to lift some of the pressure I put on myself to do everything, I came up with something I'm calling: Weekend Bingo. I have a table with a list of things that I'd like to do. If I hit one more of the things in each column, I can say I have BINGO! And I can be happy with that. Following are the columns:

Weekend Bingo!

    1. Reading

    While I read a lot of email and newsletter, I'm thinking here about books that have been on my shelf. This weekend, I read Story Engineering and Thief of Time. I didn't finish them, but I read. That's enough for Weekend Bingo

    2. Games/ Puzzles

    I missed this before I started today, but there is still hope that I might get solve a puzzle before I go to sleep. I did work on some puzzles in Games magazine, so maybe that can count here.

    3. Shows

    I totally hit this column, I saw Stranger Things, She Hulk, You Tube videos and the movie, Everything Everywhere All At Once (Great movie).

    4. Anime

    I saw Spy X Family, Fairies Album (Finished Season 1), and several episodes of Romance Killer

    5. Knitting/ Crochet

    I am still trying to finish a colorwork hat called Pressed Flowers Hat. It looked cute, but it so slow going that it's not as much fun as I'd hoped. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/pressed-flowers-hat-2

    6. I'm doing Naniwrimo this month

    I am a Naniwrimo Rebel: I'm trying to rewrite a novel. I am still working on my character sketches because my problem is with my character. I worked on my main.

    7. Languages

    I would like to read my Japanese manga today, but I don't know if I will hit this before I go to sleep. We'll see. Watching Fairies Album definitely hit Chinese.

    8. Household

    I totally hit this column this weekend - Mopped the Floor, did Laundry, laid out some Flor tiles and vaccumed, cleaned the lint from the dryer.

    9. Exercise

    I am counting the moving of furniture and laying out of flor tiles. On Friday I also did a Kettlebell workout.

    10. In summary: I think I got Bingo.

    I didn't do everything I wanted to do. Truth is, I never do. But this makes me feel less like I failed. So Yea! BINGO!

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