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What 10 New Things Could You Wake Up & Immediately Do?

I wake up early so that I feel that by the time 9 or 10am rolls around I've already done my "difficult" things of the day.

    1. Make an idea list

    Exercise the creativity muscle firs thing so you are ready for the day

    2. Do pushups or some other exercise

    Creates energy for the day. You are supposed to exercise in morning and not night. Which seems counterintuitive because maybe exercising would make me tired. But it actually gives energy for rest of day.

    3. From neuroscientist Andrew Huberman: look up and look at the horizon

    First thing in the morning, get out in the sun, look up, and look at the horizon. Apparently there are dopamine receptors on the eyelids and all of these things will increase energy in the morning.

    4. Make an idea list for someone else

    Gets the networking going early in the day.

    5. Don't look at emails first thing

    This has been a great tip for me that I've been doing recently. I avoid looking online for first hour of the day and instead read a book. Gets me thinking about life in general or the things I'm learning as opposed to getting sucked into the Borg first thing in the morning.

    6. Water

    You get dehydrated at night. Great to drink water first thing in the morning.

    7. For me: write

    I try to write every day in the morning. I've been doing this for about 30 years. But replace writing with, "Thing you love that is difficult to master." I have the most energy in the morning (makes sense since I was sleeping to rebuild energy). So I do the most difficult thing. Then, in afternoon, I do "business" stuff - phone calls, Zoom meetings, etc since the business stuff is never as difficult as the thing I am trying to master.

    I never do any meetings, podcasts, or even phone calls, before noon.

    8. Listen to some comedy

    I try to laugh every morning. I say "try" since I'm not sure I've been doing this as much lately but I should.

    9. Supplements

    Ever since David Sinclair came on my podcast I've been taking the various anti-aging supplements he recommended. NMN, Resveratrol, and some others, including Vitamin D.

    10. Greet Robyn with a warm welcome.

    I'm always up earlier than her. So important to me when she wakes up that I am smiling and happy to see her.

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