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What are 10 life hacks?


    1. French press coffee is the cheapest, easiest way to make great coffee!

    For $20 you can try it out.

    2. Keep a pick tool in your desk drawer

    These  are great for opening letters, soda cans, reaching into tight spots, poking holes in things, opening key rings, etc. I use mine at least twice a day!

    3. When you are processing your emails (gmail, desktop) click “delete all” first and then un-select the ones you want to read and delete the rest. You can get rid of 100 in a few minutes

    A correlary to this is to only check email a few times a day. I get about 2-300 emails a day and I need to see/take action on about 1% of them, am interested in about 5% of them.

    4. Season a cast iron pan correctly using Crisco for a natural non stick pan

    There are many over complicated videos on how to do this but simply wipe the pan with a thin layer of Crisco. cook, wipe/scrub and don't use soap, dry with a paper towel and then coat with Crisco before you put the pan away. After a few rounds of this you will have a non stick pan. If you really burn something you can just sand it down and start again. If you cleaned it this way and are still getting a fish odor or something go ahead and use soap: it is cast iron you won't hurt it.

    5. Radius toothbrushes are the best


    The head is about the size of your thumb. No power necessary and they last for a really long time. Better than electric.

    6. Make sets of keys based on your tasks/cars and duplicate keys

    For example, we have 2 cars so instead of having one key ring that weighs a pound I have duplicate house keys on each ring so I have all the keys I need whether I take one car or the other but I don't need to take bulky keys that I don't need. I have smaller sets of keys for going on bike rides or walking the dog, etc.

    7. Dried mushrooms are great to have in the kitchen

    Assuming you like mushrooms! They last forever, they are filling and have almost zero calories. Pour boiling water on them to hydrate them and add them to soups, stir fry, steak sandwiches, etc.

    I bought a 1 pound bag and I will get 2 dozen meals out of it.

    8. De-yellow your plastic headlights by wet sanding them.

    Yellow headlights are usually caused by oxidation that can be sanded off. Buy some sandpaper in 400-800-1200-2000 grit. Use a spray bottle or a small bucket of water and rubber gloves and paper towels. Lower numbers of sandpaper are coarser so get the sandpaper wet and start with 400 and then rinse and keep moving up the grits until get to 2000+. You will be creating a slurry of yellowed plastic each time. For the pro look you can finish with plastic polish. The first time you do this might be a learning experience but the second time will take you about 10 minutes. Test on an inconspicuous area first!

    9. Keep a large dry erase board in your office/kitchen/workshop or other work area

    These are a great way to "brain dump" ideas and then later visualize your to do lists and reflect on them. Use colors and keep it active: update your content every week or more. Great for todo lists or planning or sketching ideas.

    10. Buy bulk pack disposable gloves and use them

    For dirty jobs these give you super powers! Clean the cat box? Painting? Preparing barbecue? Sanding? Auto mechanic work? Cleaning bathrooms? Human and animal messes? Let's you attack gross jobs with gusto and finish with clean hands.

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