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What are 10 life hacks?

On how to use a flat basketball

    1. A decorative wall art piece: You can use a flat basketball as the centerpiece of a DIY wall art project. You could paint the basketball or attach other decorative items to it to create a unique piece of art.

    2. A coaster: Cut the flat basketball into small circles and use them as coasters for your drinks.

    3. A trivet: Similar to the coaster idea, you can cut the basketball into larger circles and use them as trivets to protect your tabletops from hot pots and pans.

    4. A bookend: Cut the flat basketball in half and use each half as a bookend for your bookshelf.

    5. A cushion: If the basketball is made of a soft material, you could cut it open, remove the inner material, and use it as a cushion for a chair or bench.

    6. A toy: Children can use a flat basketball as a prop in imaginative play or as a makeshift frisbee.

    7. A keychain: Cut a small piece of the basketball, add a keyring, and create a unique keychain.

    8. A patch: If you have a piece of clothing with a hole or tear, you can cut a piece of the basketball and sew it onto the clothing as a patch.

    9. A juggling ball: Cut the basketball into small pieces, fill them with rice or beans, and create your own set of juggling balls.

    10. A stress ball: Fill the flat basketball with a soft material such as foam or rice, and use it as a stress ball.

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