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What are 3 mobile apps you wish existed but don't?

    1. Fashionista

    What? You expect me to pick out my own clothes? This app uses AI to tell you what to wear for each social occasion. It knows all of your clothes as well as who will be there, what type of gathering etc. So you never need to worry if so-and-so has seen you in that dress. If it thinks you need a wardrobe upgrade it suggests clothing to you from online stores.

    2. Would I lie to you?

    An app that allows you to secretly record your conversations and through AI analysis, determine if people were telling the truth or not.

    3. Daily Practice Prodder

    An app that keeps reminding you to improve every day (writing 10 ideas, playing chess, learning new skills etc.) and keeps warning you until you perform these daily habits.

    4. Voicetore

    Just had the most wonderful voice message from my wife this morning. The sort of voice message that you want to keep forever. What about an app that lets you record/keep old voice messages in one place. It can take messages from phone conversations, voicemail, videos etc and all be stored in one place. It will allow you to hear the voices of friends and family who are no longer with us.

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