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What are some books you think everyone should read?

Here are 10 I recommend.

    1. Man's Search for Meaning.

    Victor Frankl's account of the difference between those who lived and those who died in Nazi concentration camps. A lesson for all of us struggling in infinitely more mundane circumstances.

    2. The Foundation Trilogy

    Issac Asimov was a master of everything that caught his curiousity. From biological aspects of proteins, biblical place names, to the ethics of AI. This trilogy of science fiction will expand your mind as you explore fantastic worlds.

    3. Pride and Prejudice

    Jane Austen composes the ultimate story of love lost, found, lost, and found again. A roadmap and reflection for everyone who has fallen in love.

    4. Let the Great World Spin

    Colum McCann's gritty novel of one day in the life of NYC, with seemingly disconnected characters unaware they are bound together by circumstances, mostly tragic. @jaltucher you need to read this!

    5. Year of Wonders

    @GeraldineBrooks ' story of a community plunged into tragedy and disarray by The Plague in the 17th century. Nah, it would never happen today given humanity has advanced so much since then. Oh wait.

    6. Brunelleschi's Dome

    The Duomo of Florence is worthy enough of starring in a novel, but the conflict between Brunellecschi and his comeptitors and detractors make this book impossible to put down.

    7. The Tipping Point

    Malcolm Gladwell just about created a genre on his own. After reading this book, you'll have an appreciation for the conflagaration of science and social effects together with mystery and action adventure novels.

    8. The Dip

    Written in 2007, Seth Godin shows us why it makes it might make sense to quit. Along similar lines, I'm looking forward to reading "Quit" by Annie Duke, which I recently picked up.

    9. Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk

    After reading this book by Peter Bernstein on my suggestion, a friend who is worth ~ 8 figures said it was among the best books he has ever read.

    10. The Story Grid

    All of us would benefit from knowing how literary masterpieces of fiction or non-fiction are structured. Decades ago, Shawn Coyne gave up a spot to enter Harvard Med School to become a book editor and this is his method.

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