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What are some things that the government could offer for free?

First off - nothing is "free." We are paying for programs via taxes. I'm making a list for the US.


    1. Healthcare

    We've already found out that the current system doesn't work. Unless you are really wealthy you risk going bankrupt under our current system. That doesn't make sense. I would gladly pay a little more in taxes to make sure this isn't a problem for anyone. I'd also like to add that in the current system, hospitals are designed to never have an open bed, or a doctor or nurse that is sitting around doing nothing. THIS IS WHY WE HAD TO SHUT DOWN THE ECONOMY. DURING CORONA And it's not a good system. There is a monopoly in healthcare now with very few health systems and very few insurance providers. Time to start over.

    2. Roads, bridges, airports

    The US infrastructure is now old and crumbling. I think the government needs to step up quickly on this. I think it would make sense to allow young people to serve 2 years in public works to help build up our infrastructure. If they do this, 4 free years of college.

    3. Contraception

    Unwanted or unplanned children when people do not have the ability to pay or care for them become a huge strain on the country. The parents struggle, the kids struggle, and our government gives a lot of money and resources to try and support them.

    4. Education

    We pay for K-12. We should pay through college. Or a trade. But, not free, you give up 2-4 years in the military, public works, or something like that.

    5. Politcal Campaigns

    Why are we spending billions of dollars a year so people can run for senate or governor around the country? What a waste of money. Let's offer free TV time and youtube ads for candidates. Otherwise, you shouldn't be able to run. No one cares about any of these candidates anyway. It's a waste of time, money, and energy.

    6. Internet

    cable tv is free with an antenna. It's time to have free internet.

    7. Childcare

    I don't know how you do this, but maybe instead of K-12 it's also daycare involved. It would allow both parents to work. This is good for the economy.

    8. Clean up bad neighborhoods

    I don't understand why we allow gangs and crime to take over rough neighborhoods. We have a strong military. I propose we send them in there and get rid of the people terrorizing these areas. Innocent people are shot, killed, robbed, beaten, and raped every day in rough neighborhoods. There are areas where police don't enter. This is absurd. People born into these neighborhoods basically have no chance of living a decent life. They didn't choose to live there. Let's actually try and clean up these places.

    9. Birthright trip

    If you are Jewish, there is a fund that allows you to travel to Israel and see the holy land. I'd give some money so that every young American can travel around the country and see what we have to offer. If you are from Iowa, you get to go checkout NY and LA. Likewise, if you are from a city, you go checkout the Great Plains or some of our National parks. People don't appreciate how different other parts of America are. People are also not exposed to people from different backgrounds.

    10. Relocation (not sure I actually believe this)

    If you live on the coast of Florida or Louisiana or an area with a lot of earthquakes, or fires, let's do the smart thing and move folks. We are already paying for this through our home insurance costs.

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