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What are some things that the government could offer for free?

Again, I have no idea if the government should actually do this, and I'm aware that there is no such thing as "free", but let's play with the idea.

This is not specific to any country.

What are some things that the government could offer for free?

    1. Travel opportunities for 18-year-olds

    Maybe a free flight and some sort of coupons for hostels, maybe some money.

    2. Museums

    3. Online course subscriptions

    4. Resources to launch a business

    5. A little patch of land

    6. A certain amount of money given to every baby, to be invested and untouchable until retirement

    An idea I heard about a while ago. You can read about it on Marketwatch and Forbes.

    This sounds like a great idea, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to figure out if it sounds too good to be true. Any thoughts?

    7. Childcare

    8. The title of Mayor for a day

    Apparently, this is something you can do in Hell, Michigan. It's not free, though.

    9. Access to sports

    10. Access to more land for wildcamping

    In Sweden, the "Freedom to Roam" law allows people to pitch their tent pretty much anywhere, apparently even on private land (at least in some cases, I don't know the details).

    However, I understand that in the U.S, National Parks probably generate decent revenue, so I don't know if those should be free (although the idea of paying for nature does sound a bit silly, but then again I'm sure there are a lot of costs involved in maintaining those areas). But it might be nice to have some dedicated areas in nature where you're specifically allowed (or even encouraged) to go wildcamping. In Denmark, they even have basic huts that you can sleep in. Maybe there could be a program for young people to go build huts in nature?

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