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What are tactics to overcome a setback?

I'm very much interested in learning from others on this topic, as I know I can still improve my game. On that note, here are some of my tactics I've used to overcome many of mine.

    1. Take a deep breath and some emotional distance from the setback

    Sometimes the issue isn't as serious as it looks when it happened, and it could easily be solved after you take some rest.

    2. Get some rest, eat, and sleep

    A clear mind with a happy belly works wonders.

    3. Read The Blue Day Book (or any other book of this kind)

    The Blue Day Book and laugh at your own misery. Remember that other people has been through this path of failures.

    4. Indulge in other projects that have nothing to do with the setback, partially to forget and to build back the confidence.

    5. Swallow your feeling and try again. Fake it till you become it.

    I know this could be toxic, so handle this solution with care.

    6. Evaluate the setback and then learn other techniques to conquer it

    7. Acceptance. Maybe this is just not the thing for you

    The courage to quit is as important as the strength to continue.

    8. Consult your mentor

    9. Consult your support group (peer, mastermind, buddies)

    10. Maybe it's just not your fault, and maybe it's just all the odds are stacked against you at this point.

    The simple truth about not belonging in the privilege group of people

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