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What are the most inspirational things you find about Islam?

I hesitated cause wonder if I will get under fire for writing this, as I was born and raised as one, but now I found the religion... well... let's just say, un-inspirational. BUT, for this prompt, I will focus on the good thing about Islam that I still find valuable, even now, as a way of life.

    1. Simple burial procedure

    Islam didn't use coffins, nor there were big ceremonies. The body is wrapped in simple cloth and buried in the ground only with a simple tombstone. It's a reminder that we came from earth and we came back to earth. From nothing to nothing, and everything we have in this world is temporary.

    2. The peace of believing that as humans, sometimes all we can do is try our best and life has a grand plan we didn't understand yet.

    Surrendering ourselves to God's will, and believing that Allah does not burden any soul greater than it can bear. For it is what it has earned, and against it is what it has incurred (QS Al Baqarah 2:286).

    3. Ramadhan fasting as a form of compassion

    To understand the feeling of hunger and controlling emotions.

    4. Early champion of equality

    There's no concept of segregation or racism, we are all equal in the eyes of Allah (Though, in practice, this is a bit biased as it's sometimes only true if you're a moslem and not from other religions... not to mention women's rights)

    5. You're responsible for your own sins

    Like, you're not supposed to buy your way out of it, and you can repent and reform to be a good person.

    6. Early champion of female empowerment

    For example, women gets to have inheritance when other religion didn't state it. Though sadly it doesn't seem to progress further.

    7. Cleanliness

    At the very least, every prayer time which is at minimum 5 times a day, you have a ritual to clean yourself.

    8. Being modest and humble

    Flaunting wealth is frowned upon, as it is also seen as a big responsibility to distribute wealth to people.

    9. Accessibility: In doing the rituals, there are already rules for people with disability or limited resource.

    For instance, in doing the Ramadhan fasting, it's obligatory for everyone. But there are exceptions for when you're sick or incapable of performing it due to strenous work or travel. If you're able you can fast in another day. If you're

    10. The emphasis is to be generous and help others.

    11. Nobody is perfect

    Even the prophet makes mistakes (though he will got immediate correction from God). This form of humbleness to own up to your mistake and learn from it.

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