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What are the ten best restaurants in your city?

I live in Ashburn, Virginia. It's a suburb of Washington, D.C. and next door to the Dulles Airport. Let me tell you about my favorite restaurants in the area that you can try if you ever have some time to kill around the Dulles Airport.

    1. Good Fortune

    A Chinese restaurant set inside of a former bank. The owners are from the deserts of western China, but they do some Taiwanese dishes very well (try the beef noodle soup).

    2. Thai Ashburn

    Go there for their street food menu, which includes a really good boat noodle soup.

    3. Super Chicken

    Every region has food they're known for. You've got Po' boys and jambalaya in Louisiana, fish tacos in Southern California, cheesesteaks in Philadelphia... here in Northern Virginia we have Peruvian chicken. I've tried many, and my favorite in this area is Super Chicken. Get the quarter chicken with yucca and plantains. It's cheap and awesome.

    4. Moby Dick House of Kabob

    Iranian food. My family loves the beef family platter that comes with chicken, steak, and kubideh. Ask for tahdig for a nice treat that you may not have heard of.

    5. Viet Fire Kitchen

    Really good pho noodle soup and hot rice pots.

    6. Greek Unique

    Truly unique Greek food. This place was featured on Food Network a few years ago, so they are now nationally famous.

    7. Five Guys

    I know it's a worldwide chain, but it all started here in Northern Virginia.

    8. Dumpling Queen

    Awesome fried dumplings and authentic Chinese dishes.

    9. Hot Pot Legend

    Great for the winter months. If you've never had Chinese hot pot before, you must experience it.

    10. Ford's Fish Shack

    Okay, I've only been here twice and it's not my favorite, but I have to include it because it's the most popular restaurant in my area. It's pretty good actually, but as you can see from my list up to here, I prefer international foods, and especially Asian foods.

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