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What can be created with AI that does not exist yet?

What can be created with AI that does not exist yet?

    1. A "choose your own adventure" story that is different every time

    When you say "run down the hall" or "open the door" the AI will answer differently every time. The next choices will also be generated on the fly. You can give it prompts in advance: I want this story arc to last 10 minutes or I want this to last for 6 months. I want it to be about puppies in space.

    It seems like is already doing something like this.

    2. A guided tour of an area that is updated in real-time without human intervention: with autonomous cars

    "Hey AI/Siri I feel like doing something outdoors and mildly strenuous: what are five suggestions?" "Ok, book the third choice." "Take me to get a smoothie."

    3. Summaries of government documents that nobody reads

    There are many documents that are thousands of pages long that are approved by governments. This would be a way to analyze and sort enormous volumes of text so that people can figure out what's really inside them. I heard this in a SXSW 2023 talk, it seemed like a good idea.

    4. A movie that is created in real time

    Similar to an adventure story but with images.

    5. "focus music" that is constantly generated. You could subscribe to it and also tell it to change.

    "Make it a little faster." "More cowbell."

    6. Artwork that regenerates itself to either a request or a schedule. You could mount a bunch of TVs in a Chinese restaurant and show different scenes of China that don't exist.

    These could be images shown on flat panels, or possibly in the near future you could have autonomous kinetic sculptures that would configure themselves on the fly.

    7. Open world video games, and Metaverse experiences that are endlessly created on the fly. There really will be infinite timelines in the near future. Everyone can have their own world.

    8. Automatic robotic food preparation in the home: autonomous private chefs

    Like Rosie from the Jetsons combined with their magic oven. You could tell the AI to prepare something based on ingredients that you have already or AI could even order ingredients to be delivered. You could tell it to make something delicious that is 600 calories or costs less than five dollars or has 30 g of protein, etc. It would be like those cooking challenge shows where you have to make a dessert using bacon. Every once in a while you might get something like turnip ice cream.

    9. Fully autonomous restaurants that can create a huge variety of food on demand from a few dozen ingredients

    It can make tacos and pizza and burgers and grilled salmon in the same place and even in the same entree. The menu would be more like "suggested prompts"

    10. Cleaning robots that are self directed: fully autonomous

    Kind of like a super Roomba. These would check all surfaces in three dimensions for cleanliness and clean where necessary. They will create their own schedule and deliver reports on dirty areas. They can have a bunch of nano-bots and swarm to clean the outside of buildings and highways.

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