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What can Elon do to Improve Twitter?

I don't use twitter much. Maybe I'd use it more of these ideas where implemented.

    1. Less opinions

    I think X, well I think Y, I can't believe you think X, you must be a nazi.

    This seems to be 90% of twitter. I don't see the value in spending my time reading through opinions.

    So how do you get rid of it? Increase word count (I think X, because.... Is much more useful than I think X, you're wrong), header option - keep the tweet size but you can offer a header option for opinion and attach that to your normal tweet.

    2. Folders

    *also think this would be a useful feature for Notepd

    Save your favourite tweats (or lists) into folders for later.

    Sometimes you want to share the same content, folders would make this easy.

    3. Groups

    Someone else mentioned redit and I thought it was a really good idea.

    You can make your tweet part of a group (like hashtags, but one's that are useful for longer than that day Eg. #Tech compared to #newiphone20202wowsocool) this will allow you to quickly see news /discussion on topics you enjoy.

    4. Tv

    Being able to tweet as you watch a show and see others tweets as subtitles could be interesting.

    I'm thinking a family in front of the TV talking away about the show. Talking with people worldwide might be fun, might just take people out of the show, so might not work.

    5. Locations

    Tweet only to people that are around you. This will be useful for disasters and could be a fun way to meet new friends at events.

    6. Prompts

    It's all about opinions so why not ask - what's your opinion on (hot topic)?

    I don't like this idea more opinions just adds to why I dislike twitter, but others like it do this may work for them.

    7. Problem solving

    Twitter would be far more useful if people came together to solve problems. If people shared problems users could get special likes for offering good solutions. Big problems could be prompted by twitter (Eg global warming).

    This allows smart people to do they're part even if they work outside fields that tackle these problems.

    8. Fans

    People tweet about everything, but what if you don't want to see everything, what if you only follow this person for their take on specific topics.

    When you follow you can check boxes based on what topics you want to see their take on and what to avoid.

    9. NFT

    What if you could NFT a tweet after it goes viral, you could have an NFT to commemorate the moment. You could also sell to others that would like to own that moment.

    10. Video

    Fix the video player. It always takes ages to load 2 minute videos on twitter, why? Needs fixed

    11. Wikipedia

    Allow for a summary of the topic being discussed to be read, before you read tweets. You'd want to avoid a bias take so a Wikipedia type structure might help keep biases at bay.

    Could an ai write one based on all tweets about the subject?

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