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What can Elon do to Improve Twitter?

    1. Offer a paid subscription that would allow users to have more control over their feed algorithms and what they see.

    2. Incorporate a "mute" feature for users who want to temporarily stop seeing tweets from certain people or about certain topics.

    3. Improve the reporting and blocking tools available to users so that they can more easily avoid harassment and other forms of abuse.

    4. Elon could hold regular Q&A sessions on Twitter, where people can ask him questions about anything they want.

    5. Introduce a new "trending" algorithm that would surface more diverse content from a wider range of sources.

    6. In order to make Twitter a more reliable source of information, Elon could require that all accounts be verified before they are allowed to tweet.

    7. Elon could provide commentary on live events happening around the world, giving people behind-the-scenes access.

    8. Elon could use his platform on Twitter to retweet causes that he supports in order to raise awareness and funds.

    9. Elon could add custom emojis to Twitter to appeal to a wider audience.

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