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What can I do with these skills?

From @arampersaud : I was a journalist for a few years, so I know how to write and generally communicate. A few years ago I learned the fundamentals of web development - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, responsive design, and some SEO.

I've done so many career assessments and they generally say the same thing: work in the media, public relations, or technical writing.

You guys are all smart and super helpful. How can I combine these skills in a new and interesting way? Thanks so much everyone!

What can I do with these skills?

    1. Pick something you're interested in

    2. Use online tools to get an idea of how competitive the niche is

    3. If there is a lot of competition, think of how you can put a spin on it

    4. Maybe combine two or three niches together

    There's probably way too much competition when it comes to mindfulness. What about mindfulness for moms? Mindfulness for creatives? Just an example.

    5. Then what?

    Start a newsletter on Substack or Ghost. I'm a beginner at this so I don't have a lot of personal experience when it comes to promoting it, but some ways could be: podcasts, guest posts, cross-promotion with other newsletters, ...

    This would be a long-term thing. Eventually, you can start a paid subscription.

    6. In the meantime...

    Get on Upwork and check out my tips.

    Fiverr might be worth it too.

    7. Make a course about basic programming for writers, or about writing for programmers

    Or any other combination based on your experience.

    8. Offer content writing/copywriting services to programmers/tech companies

    9. Start a YouTube and/or TikTok channel sharing your expertise

    And monetize it by offering your services, a course, and/or affiliate links.

    While I'm not experienced in this, my understanding is that TikTok is best for rapid growth.

    10. Look beyond your existing skillset

    The best thing would probably to use at least one of your skills rather than go with something entirely new, but you could combine one of your skills (or several) with something fairly easy to learn (educate yourself on YouTube, Skillshare, Coursera, NotePD, ...). Video editing might be one example (learning the basics might be enough; in fact, you can even jump right to Canva and/or Lumen5 for simple stuff). Ali Abdaal has a great video on side hustles you can start.

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