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What Changes When Spring Comes

As much as I like the change of season, spring comes with some "eh..." to go with the lovely weather and longer days... (P.S. - AI does better today)

What Changes When Spring Comes

    1. Windows open

    As often as possible.

    2. Humidfiers Off & Away

    Our house goes totally dry from the heating system. Try to keep the humidity at 50%... when that works, little or no static shocks, and less waking up with "Sahara mouth." Clean 'em out, put clean filters in, and put them away. Oh, and get the dehumidfier going in the basement.

    3. Post Winter Yard Work

    The leaves we didn't get before winter need to get picked up (14 bags so far - we didn't do one side of the yard, the side that is mulched).

    4. Plants growing / blooming

    Forsythias are flowering, so for a bit we'll have nice yellow blooms out the open window.

    5. Oak tree droppings

    The stringy droppings will be all around, to the point where I'll use the leaf blower to get them off the driveway. Plus, we still have acorns that fell late to get picked up.

    6. Allergies

    Not terrible, but the sneezing and post nasal drip ain't fun.

    7. Shed Rearranging

    Small shed, need to get the winter stuff to the back, spring / summer to the front.

    8. Get the lawn mower running

    9. Grass cutting

    The kid's going to get this one this year.

    10. Sitting Outside

    To read, think, watch the world go by.

    11. Outdoor exercise

    Need to get back to walking. And maybe getting the bike in shape and riding.

    12. Grilling

    The kid just grilled a burger yesterday. I hopped in to torch a couple hot dogs.

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