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What did I learn this week?

What did I learn this week?

    1. That networks need to have a purpose

    Linked In is not a good network. It would be if you could view your contacts visually and if you could group them by purpose. I also hate Linked In. YMMV.

    2. That I already have my tasks written in my calendar

    I just need to follow my calendar

    3. That I need to work out for 10 minutes every day

    4. How to create a separate calendar in Google

    5. How to better craft prompts for ChatGPT or Bard

    Oddly, I like LinkedIn Learning - except when they prompt to post "certificates" for 30 minutes of listening to a podcast.

    6. More about other functional areas in the company that I work for

    7. How completely ass-backward other parts of my life are

    This has been a common occurrence over the past 5 years, but it's as if my learning has been accelerated

    8. How to write myself into a corner and then identify a way out

    By brainstorming

    9. How big a difference space has on my behavior/ emotions / productivity

    I hate open work areas. I physically cringe now at the thought of returning to work in one. I get distracted by EVERYTHING and every voice talking around me. At some companies, I had my own cube - so people could only come at me from one direction. That helped. All of the companies I have worked at since then I now realize my back was exposed or people were constantly walking around me. I had to get up and go to a conference room to get work done.

    10. How much I don't know about climate change or problems with the environment

    I have to do more research. Most of what I know is blurbs or newspaper articles. Nothing very in-depth.

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