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What Did You Learn This Week?

    1. Paradox of choice

    As options increase our happiness decreases.

    2. I need to remember to take a break

    I've been working a lot lately. And when I'm not working I've been out making the most of my free time. I now feel exhausted. I need to remember to give myself time to rest and recharge.

    3. Perception

    I'm reading 'the expectation Effect' it states that how we are primed affects how we see the world. Labels can make food tastier, fears can make threats out of nothing, depression can make the world look worse than it is. Really enjoying this book.

    4. Relationship

    I'm also reading 'how not to die alone'. So far I've learnt that my perceptions of a lot of things are wrong. I expect too much of others and of myself.

    I should instead be looking for someone that wants to grow with me. We can strive to be better together.

    5. I shouldn't drink so much

    For the last two nights I've been drinking and it looks like I'll be back in it tonight. Maybe I can switch some drinks for a Cola. Maybe I can drink slower.

    How to cut down on alcohol would make a great list, maybe I'll try this in the future.

    6. I've lost weight

    It's not something I was trying to do, but I now need to buy a new jeans.

    This allows me to change my style. Who will I become?

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