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Steve Alvest


What do you want to achieve in 2023?

So many goals, so little time...


    1. Get my personal finances in order

    I need to make sure I'm saving and investing enough so I can retire at age 52 (when the youngest of my kids reaches adulthood)

    2. Publish another non-fiction book

    I haven't published a full length non-fiction book in a few years now.

    3. Publish my first novel

    It's in the works

    4. Write and publish at least 260 articles

    I currently write six blog sites. I want to get in the habit of writing a blog article every weekday (hence, 260 in a year).

    5. Carefully read and integrate into my life the teachings of 12 great non-fiction books

    One book a month isn't too much to ask

    6. Sell off or donate most of my baseball card collection

    I have an estimated 30,000 baseball cards sitting next to my desk. in eleven boxes. I want to keep only the ones that "spark joy" (in the words of Marie Kondo).

    7. Create at least 50 works of art

    I was big into art in high school, got a minor in studio art in college, then the reality of having to make money for a living set in, killing that part of me off. Well, I'm in mid-life now. Maybe it's a good time for a mid-life crisis :) It would certainly be a cool project to make a work of art every week for a year.

    8. Get into the best shape of my life

    When I was in college twenty years ago, I worked out 20 hours a week, practiced three martial arts, and even taught Kendo. Today, I'm 43 and 15 pounds overweight. It's a high bar I've set, but... LET'S DO THIS!

    9. Take more road trips

    Life has gotten busy. I want to take more time off and explore more with the kids, before they all grow into bratty teenagers and fly out of the cozy nest I've created.

    10. Develop a meditation habit

    All the successful people do it. Maybe I should too?

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