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What do you want to achieve in 2023?

I've given up on making New Year's resolutions years ago. I decided if something was truly important to me, I shouldn't wait for an arbitrary date on the calendar to get started. On the other hand, time marches forward and maybe it isn't such a bad idea to think about certain milestones I want to reach in the coming year.

What do you want to achieve in 2023?

    1. To Do Well in My Job That Starts in the New Year

    I'm trying to prepare myself as much as I can so I can hit the ground running when I officially start working in January. Hopefully I can either turn this seasonal job into a permanent one or expand my skill set and better prepare myself to start my own business.

    2. Expand My Skill Set

    In 2023 and before then I want to expand my set of skills for business purposes and to be more versatile in my personal life as well.

    3. Improve My Skill of Execution

    One of my worst flaws is that I hesitate and procrastinate on doing things that are important to me out of fear of either failure or the risk (real or imaginary) of creating new problems that are too big for me to solve. This kind of thinking has held me back from many opportunities in my life, though it insidiously saved me from certain disasters as well.

    Going forward, I will consciously execute on things that I know need to be done as well as come up with experiments that have big upsides and limited potential downsides to perform as well.

    4. Post at Least 300 Public Idea Lists on NotePD

    I feel I've been slacking on posting public idea lists for too long and I want to get back into it. While I suspect most of the lists I posts will be forgettable at best, I hope at least a couple of the ideas I come up with can grow into something much bigger. I suspect in the process it will lead me to posting some unconventional or controversial things, but I can always delete a list in a worst case scenario and hope nobody cared to archive it.

    5. Create a Premium Post

    To be honest, I have my doubts about the viability of Premium Posts as a way of monetizing NotePD. However, I am still interested in either compiling and repackaging my best ideas in one premium post or coming up with something entirely original that's too grand to contain in a single idea list or status update.

    6. Go On at Least One Extended Vacation

    I, like I suspect many people haven't been able to do much if any traveling in the last two or so years for obvious reasons. It would be nice to go on an adventure and forget about my regular life for a short while. Speaking of travel I really need to...

    7. Renew My Passport

    If I want to do any international travel, I will need to renew my passport which I've had to put off for various reasons. I really should get this done before 2023 actually begins.

    8. Be More Physically Active

    For various reasons, I haven't been as physically active as I wanted to be. At a minimum, I'd like to go for a walk everyday (when weather permits).

    9. Find Love

    At this point, I'll settle for finding lust.

    10. End Daylight Savings Time

    This is unlikely to happen, but it'd be great not having to adjust to the time change twice a year.

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