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What do you want to achieve in 2023?

Letting go... an advanced practice of letting go


    1. Calming the Chaos

    Having created the content to for Calming the Chaos, 2023 is all about getting as many eyes and ears on it as possible. It's a way for people to develop better relationships with themselves and their dogs. It's about getting a grip on anxiety in an uncertain media driven climate.

    Group coaching has grown to capacity in 2023 and so many have less anxiety and more contentment in their lives because of it.

    2. Cleared the Clutter

    I started clearing clutter in the last month. Every time I clear more clutter, let go of more things it opens up my space to more of what I want. I'm recognizing that the clutter that is in my house is a mirror of what happens in the mind. It's chaos. Teaching Calming the Chaos is a way to see these kind of blind spots.

    3. Developed a significant relationship

    I'm good on my own. But I want to spend my time with someone who completely vibes with me and I with them. And so I put it out to the Universe. That perfect person showed up. I've got so many quality relationships already... but "the one" manifests (it already is happening) but solidifies in 2023.

    4. My dog is content

    He's struggled. It's in his DNA. It was hard wired. I had to unwire it. I had to let go of the reflected energy we were sharing. It's so much easier for both of now. What you teach you get good at. It's why he's in my life.

    5. Finances are fulfilled

    Creating a program that goes one to many and can be done from a place where I help people get over anxiety and play every day. That's worth getting paid well for. 1%er style. It's been in my life since 2001. Experience is exponential. It's happening now out of connection. It explodes because of the platform I built allows me to reach so many more who benefit from Calming the Chaos.

    6. 3rd generation 4Runner

    I'm not into Teslas. I like old school. I've had 4Runners for most of my life. A 3rd generation 4Runner without the tech tied to it. It's one my go to dog vehicle.

    7. Montana connections

    I've got roots there. I've got connections there. I've visited several times in the last couple of years. My connections to Montana kin is strong. I've got my own place amongst friends to go there with my significant other. Spending time in the great outdoors, playing cards games with friends, campfires and mountains. Life isn't about work. It's about experiences.

    8. Dog Camps

    I get amazing connection through spending time one on one with dogs, then transferring what I teach them to their people. 2023 brings the dogs and their people that I need to work with to next level healer/trainer I am.

    9. Friend connections

    They run deep. The circle is relatively small, but the experiences, the good times shared... they are connected, meaningful and laughter filled. I trust my friends in that circle and they trust me.

    10. Knowledge

    Time to read. Time to connect with knowledgable people I learn from like @JamesAltucher (by the way I started reading his books back in 2013 and have read everything from Choose Yourself to his crypto musings, and belief that the only route to success is college is BS and beyond.) I love that he's created this platform; 🧡

    Experience. Standing by my truth. Staying out of social media untruths and delving into what is true and what is not for me.

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