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What do you want to achieve in 2023?

    1. Be a better listener.

    I'm often impatient with people when we are speaking. Cut to the chase. Get to the point. Yes, I understand now shut up and let me tell you how to fix it. All of these flash through my mind. Still working on it.

    2. Reduce clutter around the house.

    3. Invest more in HODLing crypto.

    4. Develop alternative income streams

    5. Improve my Renfaire costume / persona

    6. Get to the NASCAR race in Michigan

    7. Right size my community commitments

    I'm a member of several community organizations but have given most of them very, very little of my time this past year. I either have to be honest with them and myself and leave some of these organizations OR make a more serious effort to be a productive member.

    8. Get outdoors more.

    9. I need to exercise more.

    It seems like everybody says that. I have to find ways to build it into my daily, weekly, monthly routine.

    10. Read more books

    It is one of my most enjoyable relaxations. And one that I seem to spend less time doing every year. Maybe I'll start a log of what books or magazines I actually read. This would be a shorter list than the ones that I buy intending to read.

    11. Create a few more Premium Lists on NotePD.

    I like the concept and enjoy the experiment.

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