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Nicola Fisher


What happens at a Woodworking Show

I'm writing this in advance of us attending the North of England Woodworking Show. We've attended before as Chris has been one of the demonstrating Woodturners a couple of times. This year we will be on the Tormek stand. They make sharpening systems - so easy, even a blind man can use them! Our tagline, not theirs.

    1. Arrive the day before

    We'll be travelling over to Harrogate the day before the show. We park up outside the exhibition space and then go in to do a recce, find the Tormek stand, say hello to people we know and then, hopefully, borrow a trolley to bring in Chris' gear. That evening we'll check in to our hotel and later we'll meet with the Tormek team to go for a meal.

    2. Day 1

    The day starts with breakfast in the hotel. Then, dressed in Tormek t-shirts, we'll go over to the venue. Chris likes to be early. The punters arrive around 10:00 and the event goes on until 17:00. During the day Chris will demonstrate turning and sharpening. I'll talk to people who come to the stand and ask about Chris, how he turns when he's blind, his TV appearances etc. I also look after Bamber, take him out for walks and pipi, make sure he drinks enough water. I keep Chris in tea, and make sure he gets some lunch. I make videos and take photos to add to Chris' social media.

    Because it's a busy event with lots of visitors, we don't tend to walk around the venue much during the day as it's difficult with Bamber. We usually see a lot of people we know on the stand anyway.

    3. Evenings

    Each evening we go for a lovely meal with Tormek. Last year we visited a Chinese, and Gino D'Acampo's place a couple of times.

    4. Day 2

    Most of the days are very similar. As Chris will be happy with his setup on day 2, we might have a wander around the stands when the venue is still empty so that Chris can get an idea of who's there, and catch up with friends.

    5. Day 3

    Day 3 finishes at 16:00 and then it's a race to take down the stands, pack and go home. Generally we don't rush as it's easier to take our time and let others rush out. Sometimes, if we're lucky, I can drive the car into the venue. Or at least as close to the door as I can get it.

    6. Home

    Once we're packed, and have said our goodbyes, we'll head off home. It will be about a two hour drive at that time of day.

    7. Empty the car

    As I will be back in work the following day, Chris will empty the car that night. We usually have something to eat and drink, and decompress for about an hour before we go to bed.

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