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What hasn't changed for the longest time?

H/T to @SteveAlvest for the great topic.

    1. The default life path.

    With all our unprecedented access to knowledge and wisdom, how is it that we're still training kids with the same shitty education protocol we used in the 1800s to teach people to be good little assembly line robots? Why is it that so many people are still brainwashed into thinking the only way to live this one precious life is to enslave one's self to a company that doesn't care about them until age 65 (assuming the company doesn't fire them first, which is likely)?

    2. Shoes.

    Some manufacturers have started to change shoes from monstrous coffins that are far too narrow and tight for our feet - and with heels that do nothing but cause back and hip issues. But I recently heard that the global market for more natural, minimalist shoes is only 1%. So largely, people are still wearing shitty shoes that will cause them all sorts of aches and pains as they age.

    3. Fuel (oil and gas).

    I remember in the 90s how we thought everyone would be driving electric vehicles by the year 2000. What happened? How is it that we're still powering all of our vehicles with goop that we drill out of the ground and start wars over?

    4. Politicians.

    They still don't care about the people they represent and that probably won't change anytime soon.

    5. Grey hair.

    I've got a few strands coming in. I was kind of hoping someone would have come up with a magic pill by now that would stop people from going grey as they age, but alas that has not come to be.

    6. The red rocks of Sedona.

    That's where I'm at this weekend. And, hopefully, they never, ever change.


    7. Cancer.

    Richard Nixon declared War on Cancer 50 years ago and sadly we're still fighting it.

    8. Architecture (in the U.S.).

    The thing I love about many parts of Europe is that the architecture - whether it's a house or an office building or a cathedral - is so creative and unique. In the U.S., most houses look exactly the same, most office buildings look like they were designed in East Germany in the 1970s, and most churches don't look much better than the office buildings.

    9. Space travel.

    It's been over 50 years since we've been to the Moon. We all thought space travel would be as routine as airline travel by now, but we're not even close. Hopefully, that starts to change with the Artemis mission.

    10. Government-backed money.

    Crypto may eventually change this but it's a long shot.

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