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What I loved about Top Gun: Maverick

Wow. Really enjoyed this one and glad I got to see it in a theater. Wonder if this is the best sequel of any kind since Godfather Part II?

    1. Tom Cruise

    This guy is just incredible. He's almost 60 and is running around, showing off his abs, and flying in planes. Say what you want about him personally, but he's given the world a lot of fun movies. He's a true professional.

    2. Jennifer Connelly

    Have always loved her. She's so elegant. Also, I love that she's 50 and is the love interest in a huge movie. That never would have happend 20+ years ago.

    3. Val Kilmer

    So happy he made it into the film. He can't talk anymore in real life and they fit that into the story without being absurd.

    4. Nostalgia

    They gave respect to the first film in many ways without making it a distraction.

    5. No CGI

    This is why I love Tom Cruise. The actors actually got into these fast planes and threw up in real life. The force put on their bodies is not what a normal person can handle. Much respect.

    6. Unknown Enemy

    Some randomn rouge nation. Can't remember if the first was the same? At least we don't have to make some country feel bad.

    7. Taiwan

    At first, Tom Cruise wasn't going to have the Taiwanese flag on his jacket to bend the knee to China. I'm happy they reversed their decision. It will likely hurt the movie's revenue, but I believe it's the right thing to do.

    8. Movie's aren't dead

    After giving us a bunch of horrible movies of the last 3-5 years, I'm hopefully that we'll see a rebound in the movie industry. If you are going to make a sequel, it needs to be done right.

    9. Where are the movie stars under 40?

    Tom Cruise was like 23 when the first Top Gun came out. Nowadays, I can't think of a legit movie star under 40. The type of person that everyone loves, admires, or wants to be with. Every actor or actress I admire is older. Maybe, it's just because I'm getting older.

    10. No Politics or Virtue Signaling

    If there was, I didn't notice it. Great movie. Fun time.

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