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What I Want to Achieve in 2023

James Altucher asked, "What do you want to achieve in 2023". This is my answer. It is more of a to do list than a goal. I read this great quote on a Whatsapp status: The work needs to get out of your head and on to the table, and it needs to be done from the heart- Paul Scher. I feel me achieving this will be the beginning of a fulfilling and extraordinary year!

What I Want to Achieve in 2023

    1. Run a Website/Blog

    I had a wesbsite in 2016, A portfolio website. All my paintings and school projects were on display. I shut it down because it wasnt bringing me any moeny. So last year I bought a domain name from namecheap. I am yet to go live, but I know what I want to have on there. It will be hosted on wordpress and one feature it must have is a search button. I have so much content to unpack.

    2. Build an Email list

    I have only had one subscriber in my lifetime. I have a gumroad offer. A free printable coloring page of a landscape I drew during covid. It was my many attempts of trying to create an email list but somehow it did not work well. So when I have my website running I will have a lead page there to build a list.

    3. Get back on Pinterest Business

    I had about 30,000 monthly views before covid. Thanks to the many groups I had become part of. Mostly these were art groups, from redbubble, etsy sellers. I stopped posting stuff and now I was delisted from business. I average about 200 views monthly. I want to post work there but not still images. Thinking video format, gifs etc

    4. Instagram/Facebook as a Business

    I had build a facebook page of 10K+ followers plus. Not organic. Basically I was learning facebook advertising , but then I had no plan. Nothing to sell. My IG has a steady folowing of about 1.2K followers all organic, and would like to build 10X running a profitable business.

    5. Skating Pro

    I love to skate. I began skating seriously in 2016, the year I bought my first pair of roller blades. I tried skating everyday, even as little as 15 minutes. So when there was a curfew, I had to figure another way. I discovered slalom skating. I could do it in my apartment. I had to improvise and learn online from slalom pros. Not easy but I was determined. Today I bought 6 cones. I am going back at it again.

    6. Master Adobe Illustrator

    I have about 4 courses to unpack that I downloaded in Sept/October. Since mid August I have been live-sketching everyday. I have already filled my first sketch book- about 150 pages(4 x 5.5inches) I want to be able to trace these sketches for digital print.

    7. Level 2 seller on Fiverr

    In 2016 I opened a Fiverr account. I was drawing minimalist portrait illustrations for a logo. I got one succesful order then quit. Last month, I reopened the account. I am currently focussing on video editing jobs, audio editing and later illustrations - book illustrations, portraits, etc

    8. Get Monetised on Youtube

    I have always loved animation,. I have been making animations since 2015 on Flipaclip. In 2019 my phone-Galaxy Note 4 broke the screen and I wrote it off. Enter 2020, with too much time in lockdown I began learning animation on After effects and uploading video lyrics to Youtube. I have about 504 subs and 297 hrs of watch time. In 2023 I want to create more personal content that can get me ta large tribe.

    9. Make more friends

    I dont go to school. I dont go to church. I dont go to work. I have many friends online though, but I want people I can hug and touch. I dont have friends around my neighbourhood except grocery sellers. How can I make friends?

    10. Travel outside my country

    I have never flown my entire life. I applied for a passport before the lockdown, but I am yet to get the jab. I do not want to get the jab. Hope we can get over this regulations quickly.

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