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What if patience helped us find meaning in our lives?

    1. When the result has value, you can often associate it with :

    - Uncertainty: you don't know if it will work.

    - Complexity: there is not one way to get there, but different options. You don't know which one will work best until you experiment.

    - Passion: succeeding thrills you. You are drawn to the idea like a magnet.

    - Transformation: you may not realize it at the time, but the experience transforms you as a person.

    2. It's very personal, everyone will find their own project, but I could try to give you some examples:

    - An athlete training for a career.

    - Creating a business.

    - A product manager before launching his latest creation.

    - A writer working on his next book...

    3. There is one quality common to all these pursuits, as diverse as they are: patience.

    What I've come to love about patience is that, ultimately, it's the truest test of merit: Are you willing to do the work, despite no guaranteed outcome?- Dorie Clark

    4. Create opportunities for yourself to engage in activities that require patience, even if you fail, you will grow from it...

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