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What is Creation - The Origin of Beginning - Life? - Part 1


I have invented the world that I see.
The thoughts that I think I think and the world that I think I perceive are a perfect match.
As long as we believe we're an ego we're inventors.
There's no invention in the Kingdom of Heaven.
God creates she doesn't invent.
Perception by its very nature cannot be reality.
God knows nothing of perception.
The Holy Spirit works with my perception because it knows that it's false.
The Holy Spirit is the only teacher worth listening to and following.

    1. Creation has nothing to do with the world I've invented.

    Creation has nothing to do with going to work or trying to move up the corporate ladder.
    Creation has nothing to do with big houses, fancy cars, and piles of cash.
    Creation has nothing to do with having a lot of sex, drugs, or alcohol.
    Creation has nothing to do with children, no children, pets, or no pets.

    2. What is life?

    What gives life to the thistle on a tree?
    What gives life to a blade of grass cracking through the cement?
    I'm not speaking about the past or the future. I'm referring to that which is beyond time and space.
    I'm not talking about the things we appear to go through in our daily lives. Power - Prestige - Shame - Blame - Fame
    This isn't Life. This isn't Creation in any way.
    This is our mishandling of Creation.

    3. What makes you read what I write?

    What makes you listen to me if you listen to me at all?
    What makes you read another book?
    What makes you listen to anyone whether it be your father, mother, child, spouse, boss, or preacher?
    What is the motive behind your listening or reading?
    What is the motive behind you're getting out of bed today?
    What do you want?
    What do you desire?
    What's your reason for being here now?
    Behind every desire, there's a motive.
    So what is desire? Stay tuned for part 2 of this idea on March 2, 2023.
    You're 60 days in and perhaps at this stage of the game you're serious about your life.

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