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What is Creation - The Origin of Beginning - Life? - Part 2

Chasing Desire - A Search for Meaning

    1. Desire is a part of sensation.

    Seeing brings on sensation.
    If I see a nice watch it brings on a sensation.
    That is to say, If I see a Franck Muller that's rather nice and I'd like to have one.
    From this sensation, a thought comes and makes an image of that sensation.
    At that moment - Desire Is Born!

    2. Is there any part of your Mind that is not muddled up by your environment?

    By the world. 
    By society.
    By tradition.
    So, I ask you again what is Creation?
    This is too important of a topic to play around with wouldn't you agree?
    If you answer the question for me I'll continue...

    3. We are trying to inquire into something that has No Name.

    Needing nothing.
    Wanting nothing.
    Always silent.
    Absolutely Holy.
    The most Sacred thing in life.
    The Ineffable.
    No end.
    No description is ever adequate for All That Is.
    No description can ever describe the origin.
    I can kill one bird but there is another bird. 
    I can't kill all birds because there are too many birds.
    I am speaking about what makes a bird.

    4. If you're being unloving, change it.

    Change it today, not tomorrow.
    If you don't know whether you're being loving or not find out and change it.
    Lean on something you can be certain about.
    Let go of all grievances.
    Until all of the above is settled you can't enter this world.
    Enter the world of Creation. 
    Enter the world of Love.
    Those other things just don't work in this world.
    Only love will do. 
    Just a dab'll do ya

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