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What is your biggest dream? List 10 steps you can take to make that dream a reality in one month.

    1. Write down 10 ideas for "What is your biggest dream?"

    2. Write an article every day

    3. Be around positive people

    4. Do what you love

    5. Sleep 8 hours a day

    6. Eat healthy. And exercise? I forget if this is part of the "Healthy" part or the "Exercise" part. But do both! Like, right now! Start jogging around the block. Or eat some carrots and stuff like that.

    (I don't really know how to exercise so I'm not being specific here but I think it's important to exercise)

    Also, don't eat junk food (like, right now) because it will make you feel bad and you won't be able to focus on whatever it is you want to do in life if you're feeling bad all the time (which junk food will make you feel).

    (But also, sometimes you have to eat junk food so don't beat yourself up about it.)

    Anyway, these are my 6 steps for success in one month.

    Now go out there and conquer the world!

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