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What just doesn't make sense to you??

    1. Smartphones made of glass

    Why is this a thing?

    2. When politicians dodge questions or responsibility

    Wouldn't it be better for them to tell the truth, you know, instead of lying or admitting to something

    3. When bosses reprimand employees

    If you insult somebody, why do you think they'll work harder for YOU?

    4. When governments do the political news dump on the weekend

    I've heard they do this with unpleasant information they have to divulge. But we know about it, either way.

    5. Sports fans acting like it's a personal accomplishment when their city's team wins a championship or a big game

    It's a good thing, but I see lots of sports fans act like it's a personal victory. No it's not - you just watched other people achieve something.

    6. When food companies put "no sugar added" on their products

    Technically this is true, but it's misleading. They don't say how much sugar is actually in the food.

    7. Weather forecasts for the day before

    These are predictions. Nobody actually knows how the weather will behave 12 hours from now.

    8. Chat "podcasts"

    "Chat podcasts", as I like to call them, are basically when you have two or more hosts talking about whatever. There's hardly a theme - it's just an audio recording of people hanging out. James' is not this at all.

    9. Not being able to upgrade to Windows 11

    There's probably some great reason for this, but until it's revealed, everybody who has Windows 10, should be able to upgrade. That's how to was when we transitioned from Windows 8 to 10.

    10. Election Polls

    More predictions. But do they predict who's gonna win, or influence voters?

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