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What kind of progress have I made during 2022 to be proud of ?

This idea list is inspired by latest by @Remikit post. 

This is a good time to reflect on entire year progress overall. With focus on personal goals and achievements. Just to break out the routine, and start thinking of next year in a bigger perspective.

    1. Public speaking. Made a keynote interview at a corporate event. Followed by leading a big initiative. Both were a success.

    Being an introvert, it is a big thing. To my surprise, I enjoyed these experiences a lot. Finding out that any fears were mostly in my mind. 

     A lot of preparation and hard work to prepare for both, with elegantly delivering on big events days.

    2. Realization that you can achieve a lot. No need to wait a perfect time or better opportunity.

    Just go and do it. Perfect opportunity is when nobody speaks up and you raise your hand to take the challenge. You feel some fear of course. Fear of failure. Doing and living thru any experience is priceless. It is much easier not to take an action and sit in a waiting room. That's how some start making friends with commonplace, especially when guided by general rules to wait your turn.

    3. Keep learning. Find new ways to learn and discover. Listen to yoir kids and their experience.

    Read and learn is awesome. Listening to podcasts to hear from people you would have never met is an incredible opportunity. I just love @jamesaltucher podcasts and guests. Very fresh perspective. Loved almost every single podcast. Thank you James!

    One of the discoveries of this year was my own son. Who came and asked why I am doing what I am doing at work, and why wouldnot I try a new role, or change a company, or learn a new skill like programming?


    4. No longer feeling stuck at work. Yeah!

    For some, finding a new job might be easy, especially for more junior roles. However, for specific roles, it is becoming harder and might end up 'married' to the same job and position for a long time without an idea how to break thru.

    Personally as long as you keep learning and evolving in the role, it is very rewarding and you grow.one thing that I realized, do not wait but create A project or volunteer to help. These are amazing drivers. You will discover that it is not obvious as it might seem.

    Sharing ideas proves to be a very powerful mechanism. I just started doing this during the year, with an intention to help. 

    5. Started experimenting, with ideas, actions, thoughts ...

    There is no more time to wait, and no better time to live. We are here, who we are, and blessed to live at same time with many bright people at same time. So blessed to have found this NotePD community, and being able to exchange thoughts.

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