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What should my next side project be?

I'm reading "How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life" by Scott Adams - great book.

In it, Scott recommends we all have 'side projects' to increase our personal energy level.

It's been a few years since I've worked on a side project.

I have a few ideas - could you help me out by letting me know which one you like or think might be a good idea to execute?

Quick background: I am an Efficiency Consultant. I currently help medium and large teams get better at using their software: mainly email, communication (ie. Slack), project management (ie. Asana), internal wiki (ie. Notion), and CRM (ie. Hubspot.)

I help these teams determine WHEN and HOW to use each software tool - ie. don't send email to communicate internally, when to send a Slack message vs. using a Project Management tool like Asana, etc.

If you've ever heard/read anything by Cal Newport - a lot of what I do now is putting into practice his thoughts around getting away from email/Slack to properly manage work for teams.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and comments!

    1. Email Inbox 0 Coaching

    Working 1-on-1 with people on how to get to and maintain Inbox 0. I prefer to work in Gmail but I have a lot of clients in Outlook as well. I've already done this for hundreds of people and it's not overly difficult but does require diligence.

    2. Hubspot (CRM) Admin and 'Optimizer'

    I help you better run your Hubspot CRM - keep it up-to-date, relevant, and optimized.

    3. Slack Admin and 'Optimizer'

    Same as above but for Slack.

    4. Asana Admin and 'Optimizer'

    Same as above but for Asana.

    5. Zapier Expert for Design or Maintenance

    Zapier is an automation software platform which glues software together in an, 'If this then that' style.

    An example: "If someone fills out my Google form, then send a notification to a Slack channel with the details."

    I am a certified Zapier Expert. I could help people design, troubleshoot, or maintain their libraries of Zaps.

    Zaps are amazing time savers but they can break or need updating.

    6. Small Business Software Consultant

    Consult with small business owners on what software stack they should use - ie. which tools, 'how' and 'when' to use them, implement/train/coach their teams. Almost like a fractional CTO for a small business.

    7. Remote Worker Coaching

    I am passionate about Remote Work. I could coach people on how to get a remote work job. Or, if you already are a remote worker, how to optimize your office setup, create your ideal day, achieve work-life balance, etc.

    8. Virtual Assistant Coach/Consultant

    I have a lot of experience working as or with a VA. I could coach someone on how and what to outsource to a VA. I could maybe even match them to a VA and train the VA on how to do the requested work.

    9. Fitness/Nutrition Coaching fro Busy Remote Workers / Nomads

    I used to help run a CrossFit gym and I have worked out religiously for 22 years at 6 AM. I could coach remote workers on how to get in good shape plus eat properly. I would come up with ideas for them, get them to commit, and then hold them accountable.

    10. Minimalism/Decluttering Coach

    I am an extreme minimalist - I hate clutter. I could be a Marie Kondo type coach but with 2 different angles:
    1. more focused on men as I feel they are an underserved market vs most professional organizers who seem to cater to women.
    2. a heavy emphasis on digital decluttering as most of Kondo's teachings focus on physical spaces.

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